Bridgestone Americas Announces Voluntary Safety Recall for 2,600 TBR TiresCautionary Campaign to Address Very Rare Potential for Slow Air Leak

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (November 8, 2013) – In response to Bridgestone Corporation’s (Bridgestone) November 7, 2013 voluntary safety recall of various truck and bus tires announced in Japan, Bridgestone Americas (BSA) today is recalling approximately 2,600 units which were produced at Bridgestone’s plant in Tochigi, Japan and sold in Guam, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America.

This action is being taken out of an abundance of caution, as statistically it is estimated that only one unit out of the approximate 2,600 imported into the Americas may have an abnormality that could result in a slow air leak characterized in the Japanese recall. All products in question were manufactured between January 2012 and August 2013 (DOT weeks 0412 – 3213).

There have been no field complaints or adjustments in the Americas with respect to the subject abnormality. There also has not been any report of property damage, accidents, injuries, or deaths.

The recall is attributed to a possible abnormality in the tire innerliner caused by intermittent irregularities in the manufacturing process at Bridgestone’s Tochigi plant following a production change, which could result in decreased adhesion levels at the splice in a small number of tires. In these instances, there is a possibility that decreased adhesion of the splice could lead to cracking and a slow air leak into the tire sidewall. An accumulation of air could result in a bulge and eventually, in a worst case, cause a slow air leak rendering the tire inoperable.

BSA and its relevant subsidiaries are communicating and working with regulatory agencies in countries across the Americas to recover subject units in accordance with local laws. BSA and its relevant subsidiaries are also communicating directly with customers, company owned stores, authorized dealers, and fleet customers to recover and replace any subject tires.

Consistent with the company’s long-standing commitment to customer satisfaction and service, owners of the tires identified in the following table are urged to contact their Bridgestone Americas or subsidiary representative, nearest dealer or company-owned service center to arrange verification and replacement. Tire owners may also call phone numbers in their countries as identified in the table below.




DOT Serial

DOT Week

Customer Information

Canada R168 385/55R22.5 EPVH2CT 0412-3213 1- (800) 267-1318 *6507
1- (877) 685-3878
M788 385/55R22.5 EPVH2LW 0412-3213
W910 11R22.5 EP3T2FB 0412-3213
(U.S. Territory)
H300 315/80R22.5 EP4D2HX 0412-3213 (671) 633 302 6
Mexico R249 315/80R22.5 EP4D23Y 0412-3213 0 1 (800) 713-7646
R227 295/60R22.5 EPT02X1 0412-3213
Costa Rica R294 295/80R22.5 EP4C2YF 0412-3213 (800) 552-6827
R294 9.5R17.5 EPYLHHF 0412-3213 (800) 552-6827
R294 315/60R22.5 EPUT2YF 0412-3213
R294 295/80R22.5 EP4C2YF 0412-3213
R295 12R22.5 EP3X25D 0412-3213
El Salvador R294 295/80R22.5 EP4C2YF 0412-3213 (800) 552-6827
Honduras R294 295/80R22.5 EP4C2YF 0412-3213 (800) 552-6827
Nicaragua R294 295/80R22.5 EP4C2YF 0412-3213 (800) 552-6827
Panama R294 295/80R22.5 EP4C2YF 0412-3213 (800) 552-6827
Guatemala R294 295/80R22.5 EP4C2YF 0412-3213 (800) 552-6827
R294 9.5R17.5 EPYLHHF 0412-3213
R295 12R22.5 EP3X25D 0412-3213
Chile R294 9.5R17.5 EPYLHHF 0412-3213 + (562) 2460-7200
R294 295/80R22.5 EP4C2YF 0412-3213

About Bridgestone Americas, Inc.:
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