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Executive Bios

Executive Chairman, Bridgestone Americas, Inc.
Senior Vice President, Bridgestone Corporation

Yoshiyuki (“Yoshi”) Morimoto is the Executive Chairman of Bridgestone Americas, Inc., a role he assumed in March 2015. Additionally, he has served as Senior Vice President of Bridgestone Corporation since January 2013. In his role as Executive Chairman, Morimoto provides leadership to the board, ensuring its effectiveness and setting its agenda. With the objective of helping to ensure the long-term sustainability of the business, he plays a critical role in maintaining company relationships with the parent company, shareholders, financial institutions and customers. 

With more than 30 years’ experience at Bridgestone, Morimoto has been involved in almost every aspect of tire research and development. Morimoto joined Bridgestone in 1981, first working in passenger tire development. He has held a variety of roles throughout his tenure with the company, including General Manager of Tire Compounds Development; Vice President and Officer of Tire Research and Material Development; and Senior Vice President of Product Development. In March 2012, Morimoto was appointed a Member of the Board of Bridgestone Corporation. In January 2013, he became Chief Technology Officer of Bridgestone Corporation, leading the group’s technology division.

Morimoto earned a bachelor’s degree in polymer chemistry and a master’s degree in electronic chemistry from Tokyo Institute of Technology.